Stairs Installation

How to Install Solid Wood Stairs

Wood is probably the most popular stair material. Wooden stairs look gorgeous, stylish and cozy. Flexibility of wood allows to perform wooden stair in variety of designs.  If you decided to install wooden floors, this article is just for you.

Wooden stairs installation is easier than it seems to be. It consists of several stages which together form a picture of successful stair installation.

1. Lip removal: As a rule stairs are designed with a front lip that helps hold the carpet in place. The first task is to remove this nosing. Use a saw to do that.

2. Covering the stringer: Stringers are the side walls of the steps. They are usually covered but should be changed with better ones.There may be the case of stringers lack, then use some plywood to cover the steps.

3. Creating the risers: Risers are those pieces fixed to the back of each step. You can also use plywood.Start the measurements from the top and continue down. Don't forget to number and fit each piece.

4. Trimming the stairs: On this stage you'll discover that not all stairs are the same size. Measure and fit all of them.

5. Finishing the wood: Take all the pieces off site and finish them. If you are using polyurethane products let them dry 24 to 48 hours, otherwise it won't be strong enough.

6. Installation: Use some glue or nails (for the parts that are not visible)to install the stringer covering. Now start at the tops of the stairs.Glue the plywood pieces to the main floor nosing. You may also use some nails.Use construction glue to fix the riser to the treads.

This is just a detail picture to show you how to cap the plywood, if you end up installing a false stringer against the drywall.If you have an open set of stairs then here are a few tips on removing and perserving your existing handrail.

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