SMC Super Floor

SMC Super Floor

SMC Flooring Series Products Introduction

SMC flooring is a registered trade mark of Tri-S International Inc. It was introduced in the late of 2017, after 2 years of research and development. The patent is pending in North America.

This flooring combines the advantages of Vinyl (LVT), WPC, SPC, and laminated flooring, with the features of 100% water proof, super scratch resistance which can go as high as AC5 and AC6 equivalent of high end laminate flooring, and less expansion ratio under different temperature applications.

Developed with consumers’ health as top concern, it is formaldehyde free, with super thermal and strength effects. Please refer to the testing reports, conducted by SGS, a global testing company with facilities all over the world.

The SMC flooring can be used pretty any where, and in any circumstances, residential, commercial, shopping malls, community center, fitness centers, you name it.

Coupled with our super underlayment pad, we can make the floor filled up with air underneath, and safe for flood, and molds free.

Further more, we have just introduced an electronic heating material, which can be installed under any kinds of flooring, such as hardwood, laminate, engineered, vinyl, porcelain, ceramic, stone tiles, etc. fast installed and cost effectively, with WIFI ready thermostat, to either use as a complimentary heating source, or as the main resource for areas where gas line is out of reach.

SMC Super Floor Testing Reports:

SGS Report Abrassion AC5 | SGS Report Fire Resistance | SGS Report Formaldehyde

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