Should I expect colour variations in my floor?

Yes. Wood is a natural product and colour variations appear from board to board in all grades of hardwood especially in the lower grades such as Traditional, Country, and Rustic.


Why is the floor changing colour?

A constant exposure to the UV light from the sun or indoor lighting will eventually darken the hardwood floor. It is a natural process that occurs even if the wood is covered by UV protection.


Why is there a difference in colour under the area rug?

The UV light does not penetrate the rugs and furniture, therefore the wood remains in its original colour. In the meantime, the areas that are exposed to the light slowly change in colour and the difference becomes more apparent with time.


Why can I hear creaking sounds when I walk on the hardwood flooring?

There are many conditions that lead to creaking, however the most common cause is due to the uneven, unsecure subfloor or subfloors made from chipped board. It is recommended strengthening the subfloor, especially if it is chipped board, with plywood underlayment.


What is the difference between Pre-Finished and Unfinished Hardwood?

The advantages of going with the Pre-Finished option are the fact that the flooring is much more convenient to install for home owners or do-it-yourselfers as it avoids all the hassle and mess of the staining and finishing process. In addition, pre-finished flooring usually comes with comprehensive warranties on their finishes which outlast and outperform the finished applied on site. Going with the Unfinished hardwood option allows more flexibility in terms of customization to match the unique d?cor of the house. Unfinished hardwood is easier to customize with border inlays and more complex layout patterns.


Can hardwood floors be installed in the bathroom?

No. Due to high moisture content in a fully functional bathroom, hardwood floors would not be a suitable option for flooring.


Can 3/4 hardwood floor be glued down?

No. The 3/4 hardwood is designed for strictly being nailed down.


What areas can I install solid hardwood, engineered hardwood, and laminate?

Solid hardwood should only be installed on or above the ground levels; while the engineered and laminate flooring can be installed on any level of the house including the basement.


Can an engineered wood floor be refinished?

Some of the better quality engineered wood floors have a 1/8" thick finish layer and can be sanded and refinished 1 or maybe 2 times. The sanding and refinishing of an engineered wood floor is best done by an experienced hardwood flooring refinisher.


How do we stop a wood floor from gapping?

Gapping in solid wood floors cannot be stopped completely. Wood expands and contracts with changes in humidity. Using a humidifier during the heating months may help reduce the amount of gapping in solid wood floors. Also, some wood species may gap expand and contract less than others. Engineered wood floors are much more dimensionally stable than solid wood floors and will show little or no gaps between planks.


Can I have engineered boards fitted over other floor coverings such as floor tiles or vinyl?

Yes, so long as the floor is a well secured flat hard surface and is free from damp and/or moisture. We do not recommend that you have any wood flooring installed over carpet.


Are hardwood floors a good choice for asthma sufferers?

Yes. Allergists often recommend bare floors, which reduce the chance for animal hair, dust, pollen or molds to collect.


Can old hardwood floors be repaired?

Yes, we are able to repair your existing hardwood floor.


My floor has a crack in it - is that normal?

Because wood is a natural product it will react to changes in its environment. The most common causes of separations are Mother Nature and dryness. The loss of moisture is the most frequent reason for shrinkage of individual pieces and cracks. Most cracks are seasonal - they appear in dry months, or the cold season when heating is required, and close during humid periods. This type of separation and close is considered normal.